Breeding Precautions

pregnant dog

No bitch should be bred from before she has finished growing, never before her second heat, and better at her third. Very few breeders will agree with the last statement, mainly because it does not fit in with the general economics of kennel management. A good many bitches are kept … Continue reading

Puppy CPR

The cubic capacity of a puppy’s chest is quite small, and too heroic efforts to fill it may cause serious trouble. The lungs of the average human being are too strong to permit safe `mouth-to-mouth’ inflation of the lungs of a puppy. It is safer to employ a small-bore tube … Continue reading

Dog Stealing Food

Dogs are one of the most adaptable and evolutionarily successful creatures on earth. One of the reasons for this is that they are expert scavengers. Any food, unless it is actually in the mouth of another pack member, is up for grabs— if it’s available, it’s worth having! On the … Continue reading

Dog Food Requirement

These days most commercial food take all this in consideration. Just make sure you choose the right type of food for the right type and age of the dog. But if you would like more information these are the theories it is based on. Although, in theory, the needs of … Continue reading