Dog Food Requirement

These days most commercial food take all this in consideration. Just make sure you choose the right type of food for the right type and age of the dog. But if you would like more information these are the theories it is based on. Although, in theory, the needs of … Continue reading

Canine First Aid Kit

Dog health First aid kit

What you need to have handy at all times in case of emergency involving your dog. Here are my essentials for what need to go in a first aid kit Antiseptic;. Dettol, T.C.P. or similar mild antiseptic are a must for a first aid kit for dogs and are excellent … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Dog Food

dog Food vegetables or meat

Normally the problem of dog feeding is conditioned by the number of dogs  one keeps; a pack of hounds must be fed with greater regard to economy than a single pet. A small chihuahua will not be as costly as a great dane as far as quantity is concerned. The … Continue reading

Dog Fits

Seizure dog/fit

Fits in dogs What is a fit? Fits take a variety of forms in dogs, just as in other animals and people. The correct medial term is seizures. The general behaviour described as a fit involves salivation with chomping movements of the jaws, usually followed by the sudden onset of … Continue reading