Getting Your Puppy Show Ready

From the time your puppy is six weeks old get them used to standing on a table whilst you groom them and stand them as if at a show to get your puppy show ready for when you need it . Your puppy will soon learn to he handled and by doing this almost daily they will stand quite still and you will get a perfect picture of your future show prospect.

dog show ready AiredaleWhen your puppy is about three months old they will be too big to lift on to a table so you must continue to practise on the ground. As they gets a little older buy a light weight cord lead and, after grooming, put it on him and encourage him to run up and down. Treat it as a game and he will soon get the idea of following you. In the same way as one teaches a child good deportment, so a dog can be taught to stand and move correctly.

By the time he is old enough to go to a show you will probably be able to hold his interest with a discreet titbit now and again or the promise of something exciting in your pocket. Each dog has to be treated differently as some are over-awed by the occasion and will take no interest at all in food at a show. Others react very well and really look their best when looking keen and interested in what you have concealed in your hand or pocket.

When your doggy friends call to see you, take the opportunity of asking them to go over the puppy as if judging them to get your puppy show ready for when you need it . This is excellent practice for you both and by the time he is old enough to go to a show you will enter the ring full of confidence in the knowledge that your puppy knows what is required of him.

So often one sees good puppies unplaced at shows because the handler has not done any previous training and makes no effort himself to show the dog off to best advantage. A good and experienced handler will often be successful with a mediocre dog because he has been standing the dog well just at the right time and showing off his best qualities. It is impossible for a judge to place a dog no matter how good he is, if every time he goes near the animal it sits down or lunges all over the place when asked to move. This is why it is so important to start training now to get your puppy show ready.

Quite apart from showing your puppy you must make sure your puppy is obedient and domesticated, so that whether at home or outdoors you can rely on him behaving himself. The most useful of all commands are `sit’, ‘heel’, and ‘bed’, as the case may be.

Dog show readyGenerally speaking, a Golden in the house takes up less room than a small breed such as a terrier, spaniel or poodle who are constantly dashing about getting under your feet and jumping on all the furniture. A well behaved Golden, on the other hand, will go to its bed or lie down under a table or wherever it is told to go. Nothing is worse than to visit a house where one is immediately molested by dogs with large muddy paws, or those who dribble all over your lap whenever there is food about. A dog should know where his bed is so that he can be sent there, not only when he has done wrong but, for instance, when he has come in from a walk and has wet feet, or when he has a bone to chew. Never allow this on the carpet! Such habits can be taught from an early age. It is not wise to leave a young puppy on his own for too long as he will get bored and start chewing up the carpets, shoes, hooks and papers, or the leads and flexes of electrical equipment which should always be switched off when he is left to himself, even briefly. On the other hand he should not expect to go everywhere his owners go and must be left at home sometimes. I know of some people who make themselves slaves to their dog so that they cannot go anywhere without him, or even go on holiday because they cannot leave their dog. A spoilt dog is like a spoilt child. A puppy will cry if he cannot go with his master but if he has learnt from an early age to be left alone for a short period, and that you will come back, he will settle down quietly in his bed and sleep.

A well behaved dog will serve you and your family better in and outside the rign